The holding of the Forum “To invest in the UEMOA” intervenes at one time when all the glances are turned towards Africa. By its natural resources, its young population and its middle class, the African continent constitutes a growth market.

The presence here of economic actors come from different background attests an interest taken in Africa, moving towards its economic emergence.

“To invest in the UEMOA” falls under our approach of opening of zone UEMOA, on the world community of the business and the development. This forum also translates our commitment to the strengthening of the mutually advantageous partnership between the United Arab Emirates and the countries of the UEMOA.

The emergence of our economies will grow by a strong growth, sustained and more inclusive. To do this, it is essential that our economies are more integrated, our infrastructure, strengthened and modernized, and that the fruits of the growth are shared better, all this in the context of a governance that is more virtuous.

In this perspective, the implementation of the priority program of investment projects selected for the money-lenders and international investors should contribute to the strategic reinforcement of the cooperative links between the UEMOA and its partners.

The BOAD, through my voice, engages at the sides of the community of the money-lenders, to contribute significantly to the funding of this important program.

With our partners, I would like to say that they have reason to have confidence in the UEMOA which is an attractive region, which is full of advantages and potentials interesting (in particular in the areas of agriculture, agro-industry, mining, TIC and tourism), and which carried out important advances on the way of its integration.

I am persuaded that “Investing in UEMOA” will be a great success, due to the quality of the participants, all mobilized around a common wish to establish a stronger partnership for the emergence of Africa in general and the UEMOA countries in particular.