On September 09th, 2014, Dubai, major financial center will host the “Invest in UEMOA” initiative. With deep emotion, I applaud this event which is important for the future of our region!

On behalf of all institutions of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), I would like to extend our gratitude to the highest authorities of the United Arab Emirates for the hospitality and affirmed solidarity.

The “Invest in UEMOA” initiative which is materializing through the hosting of the International Conference of Investors in Dubai on September 09th, 2014 reflects the new vision of the Heads of State and Government of the Union, which rank the funding of the sub regional economy as their top priority.

In this respect, the Conference in Dubai is a follow-up of the round table held in Abidjan in July 2012 on the funding of the second phase of the Regional Economic Programme (PER). Following the success of this consensus-building, our ambition today is to enlarge the range of UEMOA partners and open up to important partners in order to engage their interest in our sub regional and regional projects .

Endorsed by the UEMOA Commission, BCEAO and BOAD, the Conference in Dubai sets out to mobilize the necessary funding for this regional initiative through the signing of covenants or investment agreements through a “Win-Win” partnership between UEMOA and partners willing to bring their support to the development efforts of UEMOA Member States.

The “Invest in UEMOA” initiative consists of integrative projects with a strong regional impact. Important projects of member States will also be presented at this Conference so as to provide opportunities for “B to B” sessions with the international private sector.

A total of thirty-four (34) projects are in line with this dynamic : “Invest in UEMOA”.

The International Conference of investors in Dubai will therefore constitute a paradigm shift for our Union faced with important challenges to take up.

This approach of opening our economic zone to the world creates undoubtedly a privileged opportunity to promote our tremendous potential to the institutional or private partners in such a way as they can engage in high benefit projects for themselves, the member States and the populations of our region.

Thank you.