Middles Projects

Projets B2B : List of Middles Projects
( Millions of FCFA and millions of USD )
BFM01 Creation of a modern unity of transformation of the meat-based products followed by a unity of collection 1,692 $3.38
BFM02 Development of the avicolous activities through the extension of the poultry farm, for the production of eggs 1,286 $2.57
BFM03 Extension of a production unit of eggs and the industrial production of fowls table 2,000 $4.00
BFM04 Production unit of wheat flour, sound of raw or cubed wheat and cornstarch 6,550 $13.10
BFM05 Establishment of a treatment unit of rice 2,194 $4.39

Total -
13,722 $27.44
BNM01 Creation project of an industrial dairy farm 3,100 $6.20
BNM02 Project of extension of the factory of production of pasta products and couscous by acquisition of two production lines production facility 2,998 $6.00
BNM03 Project of clothing industry 1,444 $2.89

Total -
7,542 $15.08
CIM01 Production of starch containing cassava in the city of Sikensi 4,147 $8.29
CIM02 Construction of the center of cardiology of Riviera 5,910 $11.82
CIM03 Construction of a hotel of companies in the free zone of Bassam 6,121 $12.24
CIM04 Large crude palm oil Production in Yocoboue 5,090 $10.18
CIM05 Production of tomato paste 8,964 $17.93
CIM06 Creation of 1000 hectares fresh pineapple plantation. 8,891 $17.78
CIM07 Creation of a production unit of combustible briquettes 1,876 $3.75
CIM08 Modernization of the urban transport – cities Taxis 4,958 $9.92


45,957 $91.91
GBM01 Agricultural Production-Palm oil and Agrumes-Transformation 1,500 $3.00
GBM02 Factory of factory of bricks and tiles 3,397 $6.79
GBM03 Concentrating mill of cashew nut 2,825 $5.65


7,722 $15.44
MLM01 Big flour-mill of Africa BA NENE 11,605 $23.21
MLM02 Industrial unity of production of bio fertilizing bacterian 3,256 $6.51
MLM03 Production unit of broth and transformation of local products 1,231 $2.46
MLM04 Factory of production of fertilizer in Mali 9,800 $19.60
MLM05 Factory of stocking and completion of gas Calor gas and propane 2,455 $4.91
MLM06 Extension of the activities of Fouta Gaz limited company 3,256 $6.51

Total -
31,602 $63.20
NGM01 Production unit of briquettes of mineral coal and biomass with domestic usage(50000 tons / year) 8,100 $16.20
NGM02 Popularization of the gas Calor gas with domestic usage 8,500 $17.00
NGM03 Project of development of company by the production of fruit juice 6,801 $13.60
NGM04 Project of development of company and intensification of production capacities 2,509 $5.02

Total -
25,910 $51.82
SN01 Construction and equipment of cancer institute
SN02 Planet Rice culture OF THREE ( 3 ) types of RICE (Basmati, Jasmine and Long Grain on a surface of 5000 hectares


0 $0.00
TG01 Project of organization of one thousand ( 1000 ) hectares of perimeter agro-sylvo-pastoraux and halieutiques 7,732 $15.46
TG02 Project of setting-up a factory of transformation of ferrous materials in Lomé 1,005 $2.01
TG03 Setting-up of sugar bowl complex in the pond of Oti 10,070 $20.14


18,806 $37.61

Total General

151,262 $302.52